Thanks to all participants in making the 7th SMC a successful event.

Organizing a conference is like giving a party: one can provide for drinks, food and good music, but the success depends on what the guests make of it. Thus, the program and organizing committee wish to thank all participants for their contribution in submitting abstracts, and presenting and discussing advancements in speech motor research. Similar to previous conferences, a book will be published containing state-of the-art overviews and in-depth discussions of the major topics of the conference. We aim to produce a book that is useful for research master and PhD students; we strive for publication by the end of 2018.
If context allows and interest remains, we hope to be able to organize the 8th conference in 4 or 5 years.

The program and organizing committee:
Ben Maassen (chair), Hayo Terband (co-chair), Frits van Brenk (webmaster), Edwin Maas, Aravind Namasivayam and Pascal van Lieshout.

Thanks to the Groningen Congress Bureau (www.gcb.nl/en/) for their indispensable support in organizing, and the following institutions and company for sponsoring:

The abstracts of the 7th SMC are published on the website of the Dutch Journal Stem-, Spraak-, Taalpathologie (Voice, Speech, Language Pathology): https://sstp.nl/article/view/29527

Special Issue: Select Papers From the 7th International Conference on Speech Motor Control